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I Didn’t Have Any Camu Camu, So…

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Dear Jeff Bezos Please Buy Greenblender Subliminal

Dear Jeff Bezos Please Buy Greenblender Subliminal

While I’m waiting for Jeff Bezos and Amazon to acquire GreenBlender as part of their Whole Foods subsidiary, I have a plan to make my own healthy smoothies using recipes from…unfortunately, my plan requires that I shop ahead to stock up on the right ingredients, and I didn’t get out to the store yesterday. So this morning, when I set out to make Avocado Blueberry Bliss, I was disappointed to learn that I had no camu camu (nor do I even really know what it is), swiss chard, or pear in the house. So I ended up combining what I did have (blueberries, avocado, baby spinach, almond milk, bananas,, walnuts and cinnamon) in a mashup of Avocado Blueberry Bliss and Creamy Blueberry Cinnamon Swirl. I shared it with Rex, who pronounced it delicious, and headed out to NitroRow with Dave, followed by NitroPump with Shannon, at NitroFlex Gym in Chester, NJ…a very healthy day for Roxy as we count down to Summer 2019.


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