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Dear Jeff Bezos, Please Buy GreenBlender

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In January 2017, as part of my customary New Year’s Resolution to eat healthier, I decided to try GreenBlender, a “smoothie delivery service” that would bring me a new set of fresh fruits, vegetables and plant-powered superfood ingredients to make five (5) smoothies in my Vitamix blender each week. I’ve always enjoyed smoothies, and already owned a Vitamix to whip them up at home, but I had quickly tired of my usual strawberry-banana or mango-pineapple options.  GreenBlender offered the perfect combination of intriguing new recipes and someone who put together just the right amount of all the ingredients for me, so I didn’t have to go out to Shop Rite to buy way-too-much kale, swiss chard, turmeric root, acai, and camu powder. For most weeks over the next months, I picked out my five smoothie selections for the week and received some of the following favorite recipes:

GreenBlender was flexible enough to ship to my home in Mendham, or my beach house in Bay Head, so I could enjoy healthy smoothies at home all year round.
Unfortunately, my healthy living came to a screeching halt last summer, when I received this unfortunate message from Jenna at Greenblender:  “We’re taking a break! GreenBlender shipments after July 20, 2018 will be suspended. Stay tuned.” As GreenBlender’s “break” continued over the past six months, I’ve packed on at least 15 pounds, giving up on healthy smoothies in favor of 600+ calorie breakfast muffins from Shop Rite.
So with 90 days to go until Memorial Day weekend, as I enjoy a big slice of apple pie from yesterday’s Mendham HS Softball Bake Sale for breakfast,  I’m turning to Jeff Bezos at Amazon/Whole Foods with this desperate plea for help:  PLEASE buy GreenBlender and bring back healthy smoothie deliveries!
In the meantime, I’m going to begin posting healthy smoothie recipes from GreenBlender each week, so that my loyal fans and I can go out to the store and over-buy a weekly supply of goji berries and collard greens.


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